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The Coalition to Stop Opioid Overdose will focus on the following key strategies to combat the opioid epidemic:

Improving access to medication-assisted treatment for those who are addicted to opioids, including by expanding prescribing privileges to nurse practitioners and physician assistants, as well as raising the buprenorphine prescribing limit for physicians.

Expanding availability of naloxone in health care settings and beyond, including supporting co-prescribing of naloxone with opioids for those at high risk of overdose, such as individuals with other medical conditions.

Enhancing prescription drug monitoring programs that track the dispensing and prescribing of controlled substances.

Raising the level of voluntary prescriber education for safe opioid prescribing.

Advocating for enactment of the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2015.

06.15.16 – Coalition letter to House Opioid Conference Committee Members